Hi Everyone!!

Hello Everyone!! My Name is Walter Nunez and this Page is about My Website. I want to share a little bit about myself here on this Page. I am originally from Long Beach/Los Angeles California. I also Lived in New Jersey next to New York City for a couple of years and then I relocated to the Beautiful State of Utah shortly after and I have been living here for many years now. I am a Graduate from California State University Long Beach ( also known as CSULB for short The Home of the 49er’s) where I studied Political Science for My Bachelor’s Degree and I got a Minor in Entrepreneurship back in 2002. Then I got My 3rd Degree with as a Master’s Graduate from The University of Phoenix in 2013 in Criminal Justice and Administrational Security. I also have an Identical Twin Brother named Jesse and an older Brother Named Mario.

The Purpose of this Website is to provide and share what are the Most Unique E-Books and Courses at the Most Affordable Prices in the Field of Personal Development!! Personal Development has been 1 Year before Graduating the University One of Now and most likely My Favorite Life Topic/Passion of Mine now besides The Law and History/Poetry and many other topics as well just to name a few . After I graduated from The University I got into it more, because I discovered that the actual Topic of Money/Finances is not taught in School and I have Read the Majority of Personal Development Books out there for More than 20 Years Now!!!. So now I am sharing this Great Love and Passion of Mine of Personal Development through the way of E-Books and Courses as well. Keep in Mind that as you Look through My Website that Personal Development is not only bettering yourself through Money/Finances but that it revolves through every aspect of Life as well! So I hope you enjoy My Website, ( as many More E-Books and Courses will be Added shortly) and you will notice that too. So I hope to Meet You All in Person, for those that don’t know Me already in Person, ( or through My Videos which I will Post More soon) or if you picked up One of My Business Cards somewhere I would like to know you and Meet You as well in the near Future. Well, that’s it for now, take care, and Talk to all of you very soon!!